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We are concerned above all with the security and privacy of the information transmitted on the website, so we do not disclose or share any type of personal data of our customers to any type of company or institution. When traveling on our website, all users agree to the practices and terms described in the Terms of Use and the Exchange and Privacy Policies.

Terms of use

The veracity of the information offered within the website is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer, which may impact on the quality of the service being offered and the sending of the order at the end of the purchase.

VQ maintains a secure virtual environment, without any risk to navigators. However, it is exonerated in the case of destructive attitudes and navigation behaviors by users and third parties, when faced with a risk that goes beyond the appropriate conduct efforts in situations of this type.

In the event of damage to this Portal or to third parties, the person responsible for the incidence of the facts will be called upon to respond for such acts under penalty of criminal and civil sanctions, as provided by law.

VQ guarantees the usability of this website through constant maintenance of the website's functionalities. User support is offered through our customer service (SAC).