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Discover the Itinerant Jewelery for the Equestrian World
We exhibit our jewels in the biggest equestrian events in all countries that take place on the Longines Global Champions Tour Follow us on this adventure

Longines Global Champions Tour - Miami TodayThe world's premier equestrian series
The Longines Global Champions Tour brings together the best equestrianists in the world to compete in prestigious locations for an unprecedented prize. The global tour offers some of the most explosive and exciting competitions in any equestrian series. Where all the Olympic, World and Continental Champions compete, while fiercely vying for the prestigious title of General Champion of the Season's Champions.

The best equestrian in the world
The Longines Global Champions Tour gathers the best jumpers in the world to compete in prestigious places such as: - Doha - Mexico - Miami Beach - Shanghai - Madrid - hamburg - Saint Tropez - Cannes - Stockholm - Cascais - Monaco - Paris - Berlin - London - Valkenswaard - Rome - NY - Prague. Millions of people tune in or visit the events each year to enjoy an exciting action from the main series of jumps in the world, modified as the sport's biggest stars.

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The Longines Global Champions Tour begins its season in the spectacular destination of Doha, with the introduction of St Tropez and the addition of the magical city of Prague to the star-studded calendar. The championship spans three continents and covers major cities in the world, including Paris, Monaco, Madrid, Miami Beach, Shanghai, Rome and Doha, Qatar. Spectacular sports and world-class entertainment at 19 international events.